Biomedical Informatics

We offer tools and expertise to help you convert data into information.  Here's a fishing story as an analogy.

Data Management Tools - Build Your Aquarium

REDCap (an electronic data capture system powered by Vanderbilt University) for research studies, registries, surveys, and other projects is a self-directed and easy to use system that gives you the power to build and stock your aquarium. 

Search Tools - Go fishing 

HERON (powered by i2b2) is our integrated data repository that harvests electronic medical records, billing systems, registries, and national databases.  HERON searches over 2.5 billion facts on 1.9 million patients and can be used by KUMC faculty as well as students, staff, and collaborators sponsored by a KUMC faculty member.


Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth (KUCTT): 

Reach subjects remotely through the Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth (KUCTT) to conduct research studies across the state and nation.  Services provided by KUCTT include:

  • Making the IVC infrastructure available to researchers who wish to use IVC for recruiting patients or other subjects from distant parts of the state into appropriate studies or projects.  Researchers can use the interactive, high quality communication system to interact with potential subjects, conduct consent and enrollment procedures, and/or conduct interview or focus group aspects of the study itself.
  • Providing the IVC infrastructure to CTSA/Frontiers researchers and staff to collaborate with other researchers in the state, other CTSA institutions, or other translational research experts nationally or internationally.  These interactions can consist of single point or multi-point IVC sessions for research, training, education or seminar purposes.
  • Receiving lectures, Grand Rounds or other presentations from outside experts via the IVC infrastructure on the KUMC campus.   Up to 20 participants at a time can join an interactive IVC presentation on the KUMC campus from nearly anywhere in the world.

Learn more about KUCTT.  Currently, these services can generally be provided at no cost.  To determine if any fees will apply, request services (by selecting telemedicine on the form).

Training, Advice, and Collaboration:

  • Cautious about leaping in?  Already using informatics but have a question?  We've got you covered!  Just drop by room 3001D Student Center during our Lunch and Learn training clinic 12-1:30PM on the 1st or 3rd Tue. of each month (schedule).  Sign up in advance for pizza.
  • Not sure what tool is right for you or how much assistance you need?  Contact our clinical informatics coordinator with your initial question. 
  • Need to understand what bioinformatics resources are available for your research?  Our bioinformatics liaison stands ready to help advance your science.  Just request services (by selecting bioinformatics on the form).
  • Will informatics be a key component of your project or grant and you need a collaborator?  Request an initial consultation to determine the scope and needs of your project (by selecting informatics project).  Including the following materials will facilitate the process
    • briefly stated background information about the problem and description of the project
    • a protocol, proposal or scope of the work for reference at the initial consultation;
    • information about any existing information systems, data sets, databases, or knowledge bases. 

Learn more about our initiatives: