Community Partnership for Health (CPH)

Purpose of Community Partnership for Health

The CPH program aims to build bridges between researchers, community members and groups of interested patients who want to be a part of the research process. The program hopes to help researchers translate their discoveries into practical solutions which in turn could improve the health of our diverse communities. It also serves as a way for community members and patients to tell researchers what they think are the most important topics and concerns that could improve their health. For researchers, the program helps find ways to reach out to patients and communities in the region.

Overview of Community Partnership for Health Activities and Services

The CPH program can:

  • Help identify patients who are eligible for participation in a research project.
  • Open a two-way dialogue by conversation, letter, phone call, tweet, town hall meeting and/or email between researchers and community members to help determine what research is important to community members and their neighbors.
  • Offer consultation services to your medical practice, research team or organization to:
  1. Develop a research project
  2. Help find resources to conduct research
  3. Provide training to help clinicians, researchers, community members and others learn how to work together
  4. Advise on how to develop a community advisory board
  5. Help with protection of human subjects
  6. Offer consultation assistance to link you to: ethics specialists, communication specialists, methods experts, specialty health care providers, state agency leaders, local and state departments of health and community-based organizations that might be interested in collaborating with you.

Benefits of Participating in the CPH as a Patient or Patient Service Organization

  • You can contribute to speeding cures and treatments for diseases and illnesses that affect people like you.
  • Groups of patients in different settings, like the hospital, local community clinic or even a senior center or after-school program can be active co-leaders in telling researchers what health issues matter to them.
  • Patients can participate meaningfully in the research process.

Benefits of Participating in the CPH as a Physician or Researcher

  • You will learn more from your patients' experience and input because of competing demands during the delivery of health care or conducting a research study.
  • Linking patients, community resources and research can lead to improved health.
  • You can link with other physicians or investigators who share your interests, leading to additional collaborations.

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