Informatics Training Videos

HERON Training Videos
Simple Search
Introduction on creating and executing a simple search.  Video demonstrates browsing and searching for terms in addition to placing concepts into groups for searching.  Target audience: all HERON users.
Interface overview
Introduction to functionality available in the HERON interface including options to focus or expand your search. Target audience: all HERON users. 

Searching by Codes
Introduction to using the search by code function to find diagnoses and procedures. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Timeline and Demographic Tool
Learn to use the timeline and demographic analysis tools. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Age vs. Age at Visit
Learn the differece between "age" and "age at visit". Target audience: all HERON users.  


ED Visits
Learn how to find patients who have been seen in the emergency department. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Medication Modifiers
Learn about medication modifiers and how to use them to limit your search. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Define Sequence of Events
Learn to use the define sequence of events in HERON. Target audience: all HERON users.  


"Shopping Cart"
Learn to create a "shopping cart" which can contain all of the variables you are interested in analzing and receiving in your data set. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Demographic Folder
Learn to navigate the demographic folder. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Same Financial Encounter vs Independent Searching

Introduction to independent search constraint and the same financial encounter constraint. Target audience: all HERON users.  


Video Timing Out / Previous Queries
Learn how to find previous queries and what to do when queries time out. Target audience: all HERON users.  

Shared Folder 
Learn how to share queries with other HERON users. Target audience: all HERON users.  

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