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Relevant Biomedical Informatics Presentations from Frontiers

Spring 2017

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

Spring 2014


Winter 2013

We're leading the Greater Plains Collaborative to network health systems to improve clinical care and connect to patients across the central United States.  We were just awarded one of the eleven PCORI CDRN contracts. We're sharing our proposal to promote collaboration. December 17, 2013

Fall 2013

Building Frontiers Clinical and Translational Science Informatics Capabilities Using NIH-funded Open Informatics Tools and Communities presented at the University of Missouri Informatics Institute 2013 Symposium October 29, 2013

Summer 2013

Building Frontiers Informatics Capabilities Using NIH and Open Informatics Tools and Communities presented at Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute and Frontiers Research Symposium, June 20, 2013

i2b2 User Group and SHRINE Conferences, Boston, MA

The University of Kansas’ HERON Nests: FY2013 sees HERON become more integrated in Medical Center and Hospital through increases in system use and data. June 18-20, 2013 (PDF)

Spring 2013

Developing Methods Using Google Fiber for In-Home Monitoring in Support of Caregivers for Patients with Dementia presented at the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Research Center’s Aging, Health and Dementia spring 2013 research series, April 25, 2013

KUMC Biomedical Informatics Resources for your Research: a focus on HERON presented at the University of Kansas Medical Center - Wichita 21st Annual Research Forum, April 18, 2013

Integrating REDCap Patient Registries within an i2b2 Integrated Data Repository poster presented at AMIA 2013 Summit on Clinical Research Informatics

Winter 2012

KUMC Biostatistics Seminar Series

Fall 2012

KUMC Radiology Research Lecture Series

Introduction to Health Information Management Lecture

University of Kansas, Lawrence Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Data Science Seminar

KU Hospital Medical Directors Luncheon

Introduction to Clinical Research Lecture

Video may be posted here:  http://www.kumc.edu/kumcri/clinical-research-administration-/ctels.html

Our NSF USIgnite Grant with Nursing and Engineering is Funded!

Introduction to Clinical Research Lecture

University of Kansas Hospital Operations Leadership presentation

Health Policy and Management Faculty and Student HERON presentation

Summer 2012

i2b2 User Group and SHRINE Conferences, Boston, MA

Merrill Research Retreat Lied Lodge, Nebraska City, NE

KU Cancer Center Clinical Principal Investigators and Disease Working Group Chairs Meeting

Oncology Journal Club

R users conference

Winter 2012

Frontiers Town Hall Presentation: A Biomedical Informatics Fishing Tale

Fall 2011

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Presentation on REDCap and HERON

Office of Scholarly, Academic & Research Mentoring (OSARM) Department of Medicine Presentation on REDCap and HERON

Department of Pathology Presentation on HERON

Department of Neurology Presentation on HERON

AMIA 2011 Presentation on HERON and representing flowsheets in i2b2


Informatics Lecture for the Introduction to Clinical Research Course

What is Frontiers Informatics in two short slides

Internal Medicine Research Committee Presentation on HERON

Summer 2011

Biostatistics Summer Seminar Talk on KUMC Medical Informatics Update and Roadmap

Talk with Cerner Research Division regarding Frontiers CTSA Biomedical Informatics Initiative

CTSA Retreat Presentation focused on communication and portal activities

Biostatistics Summer Seminar Talk on KUMC Clinical Research Information System

i2b2 and SHRINE user conferences, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

Spring 2011

Society for Clinical Trials Presentation on a streamlined electronic Case Report Form process

KUMC Clinical Chairs Presentation

Fall/Winter 2010

KUMC School of Medicine Wichita Health Informatics Forum talk

Master of Clinical Research Talk

CTSA description Biostatistics Seminar

Summer 2010