Trail Blazer Awards

Trail Blazer Award Funding Opportunity

Frontiers announces the availability of Trail Blazer Awards (up to $5,000) to investigators to assist in payment for services in support of clinical and translational research (involving human subjects or human tissue). The award is available as part of our mission to directly support clinical and translational research at all levels in order to speed discovery and translation to treatments and cures.

Trail Blazer Awards are intended to support:

1. Projects that are almost ready to be submitted as part of a specific extra-mural grant application, but that still may have targeted research needs.

  • Investigators must plan to apply for extra-mural funding within 12 months of a Trail Blazer request
  • Investigators will be asked to provide specific details of the planned application, including funding agency, mechanism, and date(s) of submission.
  • If awarded Trail Blazer funding for a planned submission, we will require the investigator to send a copy of the submission (i.e. face page and specific aims text).

2. Projects that are currently funded by a major extra-mural funding agency with additional needed support, e.g. if the funding agency reduced the original requested budget, or there is a unique opportunity to add to a current project.

  • Investigators must have commenced work on the project or be ready to begin.
  • Investigators will be ask to provide appropriate approval, review numbers, and dates (i.e. IRB, HSC, IACUC, etc.).

3. Purchases including, but not limited to, core services, small equipment, or other small-scale needs. Travel and investigator salary support are not eligible for funding. Support for other assistants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Investigators from Frontiers institutions who are institutionally eligible to submit an NIH grant application as a principal investigator are eligible to apply by completing an online application including upload of a detailed budget (no more than one page) and project description (approximately one page).

Application decisions will be made as quickly as possible after basic review; anticipated 2-3 weeks. Frontiers may contact applicants for additional application information if necessary. Frontiers awarded 30 Trail Blazer awards from March 2013 through May 2015.

For questions or additional information, please contact: Jennifer Maddox at