Trail Blazer Award Recipients

Since March 2013, Frontiers has awarded Trail Blazer awards of $5,000 or less in support of clinical and translational research projects (complete details on the program available here). 

Recipients of Trail Blazer awards through May 2015 and their projects are listed below:

David Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Gerontology, University of Kansas-Lawrence
Change in Cognitive Processes in Healthy Aging and Dementia
Awarded in May 2015

Joseph LeMaster, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor, Family Medicine, KU Medical Center
National Diabetes Amputation Prevention Study
Awarded in May 2015

Holly Hull, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dietetics Nutrition, KU Medical Center
In Utero Phthalate Exposure in Relation to Offspring Adiposity Measures: A Pilot Study
Awarded in May 2015

Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., R.D., Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition, KU Medical Center
A Pilot Study to Develop a Spanish Nutrition Literacy Instrument
Awarded in February 2015

Heather Wilkins, Ph.D., Post-Doc, Neurology, KU Medical Center
Mitochondrial Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs) in AD
Awarded in June 2014

Xinkun Wang, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Kansas-Lawrence
Illumina Sequencing of the TOMM40-APOE Linkage Disequilbrium Region to Locate New Causative Variants of AD
Awarded in June 2014

Jonathan Mahnken, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biostatistics, KU Medical Center
Agreement on the Interpretations of Beta-amyloid Images: A Pilot Study
Awarded in June 2014

Andrei Belousov, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, KU Medical Center
Role of Gap Junctions in Neuronal Death in the Context of Alzheimer's Diesease
Awarded in June 2014

Sandra Billinger, P.T., Ph.D., FAHA, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, KU Medical Center
Cerebrovascular Regulation and Vascular Risk
Awarded in June 2014

Jason Stubbs, M.D., Associate Professor, Nephrology and Hypertension, KU Medical Center
Relationship between Serum TMAO and Atherosclerosis in Chronic Kidney Disease
Awarded in May 2014

Kostas Kokkinakis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing, University of Kansas-Lawrence
Binaural Auditory Training in Cochlear Implant Listeners
Awarded in April 2014

Patricia Kluding, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Education, KU Medical Center|
Activity for Diabetic Polyneuropathy, the ADAPT Study: Intervention Pilot
Awarded in March 2014

Cary Savage, Ph.D., Director, Center for Health Behavior Neuroscience, and John H. Wineinger Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, KU Medical Center
Neuroimaging Studies of Reward, Impulsivity, and Adherence to an Exercise Program
Awarded in February 2014

Amanda Bruce, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, KU Medical Center
Neuroimaging Genetic Predictors of Bariatric Surgery Success
Awarded in February 2014

Christie Befort, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine, KU Medical Center
Reducing Sedentary Behavior to Prevent Weight Regain Among Breast Cancer Survivors: Impact on Postpranial Insulin
Awarded in January 2014

Lauren Little, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Education, KU Medical Center
Neural Mechanisms of Gustatory Processing in Autism
Awarded in January 2014

Russell Swerdlow, M.D., Professor, Neurology, KU Medical Center
Pharmacokinetics of Oxaloacetate (POX) Study
Awarded in December 2013

Nikki Nollen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine, KU Medical Center
Understanding disparities in quitting in African-American and White smokers
Awarded in October 2013

Jill Hamilton-Reeves, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition, KU Medical Center
Effect of soy intake on cardiovascular disease biomarkers in subclinical hypothyroid participants
Awarded in October 2013

Mark Patterson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Missouri-Kansas City
A study assessing the feasibility and value of using automated case-finders to identify high-risk heart failure patients
Awarded in September 2013.

Neena Sharma, PT, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, KU Medical Center
The Effect of Yoga in Chronic Low Back Pain
Awarded in September 2013

Kathleen Gustafson, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Neurology, University of Kansas
Developmental Origins of Fetal Cardiac Autonomic Control: The Effect of Maternal BMI and Gestational Weight Gain
Awarded in August 2013

Heather Gibbs, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition, KU Medical Center
Adaptation and Validation of a Nutrition Literacy Assessment Instrument for Breast Cancer Survivors
Awarded in August 2013

Rene Jamison, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, KU Medical Center
Improving social competence and self-perception in adolescent females with ASD.
Awarded in July 2013

Nikki Cheng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pathology, KU Medical Center
Pathobiology of Thyroid Tumor Microenvironment
Awarded in May 2013

In-Young Choi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Neurology, KU Medical Center
Glutathione as a Measure of Oxidative Stress in Brains of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Awarded in May 2013

Heejung Kim, R.N., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, KU Medical Center
Cognitive-Physical Activities Using Mobile Tablets by Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Awarded in April 2013

Carol Smith, R.N., Ph.D., Professor, School of Nursing, KU Medical Center
Mobile Techonologies Assisting Professionals, Patients and Family Caregivers in Complex Care
Awarded in April 2013

Rafia Rasu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Economic Evaluation of Clinical Interventions to Motivate Smokers to Quit
Awarded in March 2013

Abdulbaki Agbas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biochemistry, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Human Platelet TDP-43 Protein: Potential Molecular Indicator for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Awarded in March 2013